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Explainer Videos: What It Is and Why It Matters

We’re going to take you on a trip. To YouTube.

Explainer Videos why? Because that’s where a lot of marketing magic is happening right now. And to be perfectly honest, because we’d like to explain the concept of explainer videos by showing an example.

Now, let’s go to this video from DropBox, called “What Is Dropbox?”, which has 11+ millions of views as per January 2018.

Have you watched it? Won’t you agree it’s a fun, one-minute video that can explain the concept of Dropbox to your 8-year-old nephew?

This, my friend, is an example of a great explainer video.

But What Is an Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos as you can see, they are a short video (typically one to two minutes) that explains a product and service that a company offers, by answering the what, how, and why questions.

The particularities of an explainer video include:

  • It explains briefly about a product, using straightforward language
  • It’s branding-oriented (check out the colors and images of the video linked above – they make you think of Dropbox right away)
  • It tries to solve the audience’s problems – even ones they didn’t know they had
  • It highlights the perks of using the product
  • Most of them are made with animated images and a professional voiceover

But Why Does an Explainer Video Matter?

Here’s why you should make an explainer video for your product/service:

  • It converts – plain and simple

We start to sound like a broken record here, but it’s just the truth – sorry not sorry: videos convert visitors into buyers. Consider this: a typical visitor only reads 20% of your craftily written words on how your product will make their life easier.

If they don’t read 80% of the words, how can you convince them to buy it?

On the other hand, online visitors have responded that they tend to watch a short video in its entirety. This means chances are higher to get them interested in at least doing further research (typically to answer “how much is it?”). Well, hello, ROI.

  • It builds brand awareness

Explainer videos are a great medium to promote your brand’s colors, logo, and special characters. The video shows a problem-solving product for a regular Joe by using images/people related to the company. Guess what will happen. It creates an emotional bond with your customers and will help build trust over time.

Check out this cool Walmart explainer video that’s smartly used as a part of their branding strategy.

  • It increases your online visibility

When you put an explainer video on your website, people stay longer there to watch it than if you only have texts.

Search engines consider this as ranking criteria: the longer people stay, the higher you’ll be on Google result page. So, it also plays a role in your SEO strategy. Why wouldn’t you want that?

How to Create an Explainer Video that Converts

  1. The script is key

This is the toughest part of it all. You want to tell people about your product while being concise, fun, interesting… in 90 seconds or less.

But if you nail the script, the rest will go swimmingly.

First, create a set of questions about your product, for example:

  • What problems does my product solve?
  • How is it relevant to my audience’s lifestyle? What IS their lifestyle?
  • What are the advantages of using my product?

Be honest and specific when you answer them. It helps when you hire a neutral party who has tried your product to answer them.

When you’ve finished your first draft (there will be many more to come), read it aloud to your team: is it under 2 minutes, do they like it, is it missing a key ingredient?

Embrace the brainstorming process until you have a winning script.

  1. Make it about your audience

Check out this explainer video from Freshtunes, and count how many times they say “you.” I bet you’d lose track. Now, let’s see how many times it says their product is great, explicitly. Zero.

That’s how you make a great explainer video: it’s not about your company, it’s about your customer and your customer only.

Catch their attention fast by addressing their pain points – this is the first thing the video does: independent musicians want to make more money, but don’t know how.

And then, the video continues by presenting the features of the product (solution), but from a musician’s point of interest. By re-thinking your product from the customer’s point of view, you will also find the right tone to talk to them: the words to use, the images to show.

  1. Size does matter: be short

Internet-era people are not patient: get to the point. Yes, your product has a lot of cool features and advantages. But pick only the most relevant ones to your audience (another important reason to know your audience).

Let’s get back to the Dropbox video from the beginning of this article. If you use Dropbox daily, you must know it has some perks. But the video only highlights the most pertinent to the busy people who also travel a lot and like to make time for their hobbies: accessibility and mobility.

The lesson here is to be smart about what you show: enough to convince, but not too long to make people run away.

  1. Be ready to invest in quality

This must be in many of your minds: yeah, okay, but how much does it cost?

The number will take your breath away. Ready?

Producing a professionally-made explainer video generally takes you back $5,000 – $35,000 per minute. Sure, you can lower the price to $2K – $3K per minute when you use a newbie freelancer or resort to a DIY solution.

But after calculating the potential profit you can get from a high-quality explainer video for years to come, would you skimp on quality?

This is not a rhetorical question. When you’re thinking about investing in video marketing, you should be ready to produce projections of ROI for at least a few years. Only then you’ll know what’s worth it or not.

But every indication and data you can get from video marketing results speak loud and clear: it’s time to invest in high-quality videos. Don’t you agree?

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