Aluminum Wiring Should I Be Scared

Aluminum Wiring Should I Be Scared

Aluminum Wiring Is It Safe in My Home?

Aluminum Wiring Hazards Best Home Inspection

#Aluminum Wiring Hazards #Best Home Inspection

Aluminum wiring dangers

Aluminum Wiring Should I Be Scared? Aluminum wiring dangers in homes have been well documented. The homes built from about 1965 to 1975 aluminum wiring was the norm and used almost exclusively throughout central Florida.

Am I at risk living with aluminum wiring?

Well that depends, on what type of aluminum wiring and if it has had “the fix” you might ask how will I find out? Glad you asked because you can count on Best Home Inspection for a comprehensive inspection performed by Greg Bell a knowledgeable, experienced and InterNACHI Master Certified Inspector.

How about that “fix”

Call Greg over at Best Home Inspection he loves talking with customers, in fact Greg offers his clients something that is indeed rare. Best Home Inspection  gives all of their client’s lifetime phone consultations and your inspection includes the Home Maintenance Book.

Make a wise decision concerning the aluminum wiring

We want to help you make wise decisions, so Greg made this video about aluminum wiring to give you a quick explanation about the safety of aluminum wiring and if in fact you should be scared. You can see the video here at the Drone Videos Orlando Blog and on YouTube. Greg will be making more videos for you throughout the year so enjoy and take care.

Inspection Services

Best Home Inspection services include complete pre-purchase inspections, new home inspections, 1-year warranty inspections, insurance inspections, and the inspection of one or more specific systems and components, as needed (such as the roof, plumbing system, electrical system, structure, etc.) You can count on Best Home Inspection for a comprehensive inspection performed by an independent, knowledgeable, experienced, and certified inspector. PrimeSource Real Estate counts on Gregg to provide a thorough inspection  of the home prior to their client buying the home.

Completed Job Aluminum Wiring Hazards Best Home Inspection

#Completed Job #Aluminum Wiring Hazards #Best Home Inspection

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Powerful, Storytelling Video

How to Make a Powerful, Storytelling

Video to Drive Donations

“Just because it’s not happening here, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

Powerful, Storytelling Videos, with 58+ million views on YouTube only (as per January 2018), there’s a chance you’ve seen this phenomenal campaign video from Save the Children.

This is an example of great use of Powerful, Storytelling Video marketing for a non-profit organization. Yes, in this era and time, charities, NPOs, and NGOs cannot underestimate the importance of videos in their digital fundraising strategies.

In fact, recent studies have shown that online videos are one of the most influential factors that lead to donation. 75% of donors have stated that they donated after watching an online video.

Powerful, Storytelling Videos See how impactful they are?

But, how does a non-profit make an engaging and informative video? Read this guide to nailing the storytelling art and using it to increase traffics and donations.

What Kind of Videos?

There are many types of videos that marketers can use to drive conversions.

However, not all of them are suitable for non-profit organizations. Take a product video as an example.

Even nonprofits that sell physical products to raise funds (Unicef, WWF, Amnesty International) may not need one. This is because people buy from charities not to take advantage of the awesomeness of the products (although some are really cool), but ultimately, to help their cause.

The most common (and logical) videos for NPOs to produce to drive donation:

  • Explainer video (example: this excellent video from Alzheimer ‘s Society UK)
  • Organization’s profile video
  • Testimonial video/thank you video from people who have received the donations
  • Awareness-raising video (like the one linked at the beginning)
  • Event video

How to Make a Powerful, Storytelling Video to Drive Donations

1.    Tug at people’s heartstrings

Why do people donate their hard-earned money to help a stranger half the globe around? Because they feel connected to that stranger.

This is what you’ll want to do through your video: build a connection between your donors and the people who need help. Make them feel; “Hey, I can relate to that.”

Powerful, Storytelling Videos, to achieve this, you need to tap into their deep emotions. Then; you can convince them that the other person’s problem is something they can help solve, that they WANT to help.

The Save the Children video linked above is one example of creating emotional bonds through a video. Another great example is this beautiful video set in Kenya and which follows a happy 4-year-old as he tells you all about his dreams. Be prepared to swoon your heart out. year-old as he tells you all about his dreams. Be prepared to swoon your heart out. year-old as he tells you all about his dreams. Be prepared to swoon your heart out.

2.    Be inspiring

Your audience (aka potential donors) loves the stories that bring them hope, or in netizens’ words: that “restore faith in humanity.” So, tell them hopeful stories!

Powerful, Storytelling Videos tell  a story, an interesting way to do this is by showing them the people who have turned their lives around thanks to the organization’s help. Aside from making donors want to take action, this kind of videos also increases trust in your charity.

Example: this great video from Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund that tells the stories of two incredible women.

3.    Bring them there (virtually)

For many of us, who eat 3 meals daily (at least) and sleep dry and warm in our bed, it’s almost impossible to imagine what hunger and unsafety feel like. So, if you can show your future donors what it’s like to experience these things through your video, you’re golden.

One of the ways of doing this is to find a relatable, regular person to tell the story for you. Check out this video called The Bowl from Peter McKinnon to support the African Hunger Crisis.

Peter is a popular Youtuber whose vlogs often feature a busy, urban lifestyle – not unlike what a regular donor may have. So, by telling the story from his point of view, in his own voice, the viewers feel transported to Kenya with him, where malnutrition is a real problem.

4.    Show them the BTS

Powerful, Storytelling Videos an example would be, you may think nobody would want to watch a video about loading the trucks that’ll bring toys to children in the Middle East. However, you’d be wrong.

People love seeing charities in action: someone is really doing something to make the world a better place. Seeing the works can even make them want to participate.

So, don’t hesitate to show behind-the-scenes videos!

The best part is, these videos don’t even have to be in HD. Share videos from your volunteer’s or employee’s phone on your social media accounts. The mix of your “serious,” professionally-made videos and the BTS ones will make the organization look real and accessible.

5.    Include a call-to-action

This sounds obvious, but some non-profit videos still don’t have a strong CTA at the end – don’t make the same mistake. Convincing people to donate is one thing, but telling them where and how to do that is another.

Powerful, Storytelling Videos remember to also, make it easy for them; include a clickable CTA button if relevant. The best page to arrive on your website is NOT your homepage, but your donation page where they can just enter they credit card number.

Another great CTAs for a non-profit video:

  • Send a text to this number to donate $
  • Share this video to help raise awareness
  • Sign this petition to help

The ultimate thing to understand here is this: videos reach people.

So, leverage the power of online videos to turn people into donors.

Powerful, Storytelling Videos, think about it: a lot of people in the world don’t know your organization and what you do. How can they donate, then?

Just by sharing your Powerful, Storytelling Videos everywhere (and we do mean EVERYWHERE), you’re getting closer to finance all those wonderful projects and help more people .

Have you ever seen a non-profit video that has changed the way you see the world? What is it and why do you think it’s great?

Corporate Event Videos

Why You Should Start Making Corporate Event Videos

Corporate Event Videos Why? Hint: the answer involves making bigger bucks in the future.
Are you one of the businesses who make the mistake of letting your events go by unrecorded?

  • We’ll do it next year
  • Who wants to watch that
  • It’s too expensive

It’s a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. First, because video marketing is the future – Here is a complete guide to business profile videos
And second, it’s a rarely tapped, yet potentially effective marketing tool.
And the events, well, you do them anyway. So, why not try to monetize them for years to come?

But First, What Is It Exactly?

Corporate Event Videos, Just as the name indicates, it’s a video taken during a corporate event (of any kind) that you repurpose to your liking. Before you yawn, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

The new and modern corporate event videos are often short, fun, and show the highlights of the event in an engaging way (no more long speeches, please).

It’s NOT full-length coverage of the whole event.

It’s more of a fun-sized video of your event published on your social media accounts.
As an example, here’s the TEDxSydney 2016 Highlights video that shows you not only what happened during the event, but also behind the stage for a dynamic viewing.

Why Should You Start Creating Corporate Event Videos?

Simple reason: it converts. Here’s how:

It creates good impression

Be it a seminar or a New Year’s Eve celebration, a company that does events is a healthy, busy company with exciting projects going on. This is the image you’re sending to the public by publishing your corporate event videos.

It makes you look accessible – and builds trust

It shows a culture of a company that respects their employees. Remember that people relate to other people, not to brands.
So, don’t miss the opportunity of showcasing the people who work for your business, what they do, and most importantly, that they’re having fun. By doing this, you’re personalizing your brand and gaining trust from your customers.
Check out this great staff Christmas party where the employees seem to enjoy each other’s company – how refreshing!

It makes your sponsors happy – and attracts more sponsors

Event videos with your sponsors’ logos thrown in are basically free digital marketing for them – who wouldn’t want that? With these videos, you’re showing them that you don’t take their participation for granted. You can see that next year you don’t have troubles landing more and bigger sponsors.

Plus, showing that you have corporate sponsors year after year will only strengthen people’s trust in your company (see point 2 above). Watch this corporate party that cleverly mentions their sponsors right from the start (and at the end).

You can sell more tickets next year

This is perfect for events that are open to the public like an expo or seminar. First of all, it’s a good way of catching people who simply didn’t know you were holding an event.

Second of all, by showing them how fun the event is, you attract potential participants for next year: a watcher today, a buyer tomorrow.

For example, did you know that there’s a night-running event that combines neon lights and electro music? Neither did we. But if the event video is any indication, it seems like an awesome event to catch this year.

You can use it to promote products and services

Are you planning to throw a big ol’ party to launch your latest product? Use the video of the event to promote said product.
This is an effective way to let people know that:

1. You’ve launched a product, and tell the story of your new product with a great story telling video.

2. You are really excited about it (that you had this big event) – so the product must be really good, right? Right.

Check out this launch event video that will make you want to head there right away (who’s up for brunch?).

Event Live Streaming: Good Idea or Not?

Nowadays, streaming live your event is as easy as turning on your phone. So, you can bust the myth that it’s expensive and complicated.

We get the reason behind this question, for example, you’re afraid no one cares enough to watch it.

But according to Facebook Live, users watch 3x longer live streaming videos than pre-recorded one and 10x more likely to engage. Just imagine how good this is for your social media reach!

Even if it’s an intimate event like a corporate party, you can still stream it live to show your followers a glimpse of what’s happening inside your company. It attracts their attention and keeps their interest in your brand alive.

So, is it a good idea?

Just for the two simple reasons mentioned above, the answer is yes.

Paying for Corporate Event Videos

We all agree: creating one is an investment (ballpark estimation: $5K – $10K).
Because let’s face it, this is something that you can’t DIY- you’ll need a qualified team of videographers and a skillful editor.
But as with any video content that you need to create, change your mindset about it.
Instead of thinking of it as a luxury, see it as a tool to reach more audience and get more ROI. If in the past people paid good money to make brochures, now the money is in video marketing.

By creating a video:
” you give your event a longer shelf life,
” keep your audience interested in your event and your company,
” and you can even reuse the video for a future ad campaign.

The video will pay itself 5, 10 or even 20 times over.

What do you think? Leave us a comment or shoot us an email to know more![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The video will pay itself 5, 10 or even 20 times over!

What do you think? Is it a legit investment?

Leave us a comment or shoot us an email to know more!

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos: What It Is and Why It Matters

We’re going to take you on a trip. To YouTube.

Explainer Videos why? Because that’s where a lot of marketing magic is happening right now. And to be perfectly honest, because we’d like to explain the concept of explainer videos by showing an example.

Now, let’s go to this video from DropBox, called “What Is Dropbox?”, which has 11+ millions of views as per January 2018.

Have you watched it? Won’t you agree it’s a fun, one-minute video that can explain the concept of Dropbox to your 8-year-old nephew?

This, my friend, is an example of a great explainer video.

But What Is an Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos as you can see, they are a short video (typically one to two minutes) that explains a product and service that a company offers, by answering the what, how, and why questions.

The particularities of an explainer video include:

  • It explains briefly about a product, using straightforward language
  • It’s branding-oriented (check out the colors and images of the video linked above – they make you think of Dropbox right away)
  • It tries to solve the audience’s problems – even ones they didn’t know they had
  • It highlights the perks of using the product
  • Most of them are made with animated images and a professional voiceover

But Why Does an Explainer Video Matter?

Here’s why you should make an explainer video for your product/service:

  • It converts – plain and simple

We start to sound like a broken record here, but it’s just the truth – sorry not sorry: videos convert visitors into buyers. Consider this: a typical visitor only reads 20% of your craftily written words on how your product will make their life easier.

If they don’t read 80% of the words, how can you convince them to buy it?

On the other hand, online visitors have responded that they tend to watch a short video in its entirety. This means chances are higher to get them interested in at least doing further research (typically to answer “how much is it?”). Well, hello, ROI.

  • It builds brand awareness

Explainer videos are a great medium to promote your brand’s colors, logo, and special characters. The video shows a problem-solving product for a regular Joe by using images/people related to the company. Guess what will happen. It creates an emotional bond with your customers and will help build trust over time.

Check out this cool Walmart explainer video that’s smartly used as a part of their branding strategy.

  • It increases your online visibility

When you put an explainer video on your website, people stay longer there to watch it than if you only have texts.

Search engines consider this as ranking criteria: the longer people stay, the higher you’ll be on Google result page. So, it also plays a role in your SEO strategy. Why wouldn’t you want that?

How to Create an Explainer Video that Converts

  1. The script is key

This is the toughest part of it all. You want to tell people about your product while being concise, fun, interesting… in 90 seconds or less.

But if you nail the script, the rest will go swimmingly.

First, create a set of questions about your product, for example:

  • What problems does my product solve?
  • How is it relevant to my audience’s lifestyle? What IS their lifestyle?
  • What are the advantages of using my product?

Be honest and specific when you answer them. It helps when you hire a neutral party who has tried your product to answer them.

When you’ve finished your first draft (there will be many more to come), read it aloud to your team: is it under 2 minutes, do they like it, is it missing a key ingredient?

Embrace the brainstorming process until you have a winning script.

  1. Make it about your audience

Check out this explainer video from Freshtunes, and count how many times they say “you.” I bet you’d lose track. Now, let’s see how many times it says their product is great, explicitly. Zero.

That’s how you make a great explainer video: it’s not about your company, it’s about your customer and your customer only.

Catch their attention fast by addressing their pain points – this is the first thing the video does: independent musicians want to make more money, but don’t know how.

And then, the video continues by presenting the features of the product (solution), but from a musician’s point of interest. By re-thinking your product from the customer’s point of view, you will also find the right tone to talk to them: the words to use, the images to show.

  1. Size does matter: be short

Internet-era people are not patient: get to the point. Yes, your product has a lot of cool features and advantages. But pick only the most relevant ones to your audience (another important reason to know your audience).

Let’s get back to the Dropbox video from the beginning of this article. If you use Dropbox daily, you must know it has some perks. But the video only highlights the most pertinent to the busy people who also travel a lot and like to make time for their hobbies: accessibility and mobility.

The lesson here is to be smart about what you show: enough to convince, but not too long to make people run away.

  1. Be ready to invest in quality

This must be in many of your minds: yeah, okay, but how much does it cost?

The number will take your breath away. Ready?

Producing a professionally-made explainer video generally takes you back $5,000 – $35,000 per minute. Sure, you can lower the price to $2K – $3K per minute when you use a newbie freelancer or resort to a DIY solution.

But after calculating the potential profit you can get from a high-quality explainer video for years to come, would you skimp on quality?

This is not a rhetorical question. When you’re thinking about investing in video marketing, you should be ready to produce projections of ROI for at least a few years. Only then you’ll know what’s worth it or not.

But every indication and data you can get from video marketing results speak loud and clear: it’s time to invest in high-quality videos. Don’t you agree?