A Guide to Making Social Media Videos

A Guide to Making Social Media Videos to Boost Engagement

Social media videos are key to your success and video content on social media is way past the “new kid in the block” stage.

Video It’s the most consumed, preferred, DEMANDED content by users by the start of 2018, and will continue to thrive in the foreseeable future:

  • Facebook claimed that 500 million people watch Facebook videos each day
  • Youtube has become the second largest search engine after Google
  • Twitter users are twice more likely to retweet a video than a photo
  • Videos outperform photos in term of engagement on Instagram

It is then, quite normal – even highly necessary – for digital marketers to produce social media videos! If you haven’t started yet, the right time to begin is… yesterday.

Social media videos you have none? No worry, though. You still can catch up by creating high-quality video content to increase engagement. The math (if we can call it that) is simple:

Social media videos create increased engagement = more views on your page/visits on your site = more revenue.

The questions would be: what kind of videos and where should I post them? These are legit questions, and this guide will help you get the answer.

What Videos to Create for Social Media?

Everything depends on your goal, and this is the first thing to define when creating video content.

  • Brand recognition
  • Increase in sales
  • Educating your audience
  • Increase in traffic

Based on your goal, you’re going to know the type of video to create, the duration, the message, and so on.

It could be an explainer video, a promotional, an engagement bait (A or B survey), or of course, a live stream that’s been in a steady rise over the last couple of years. Note that trends in each social platform are different, and this why you need to know the specificity of each social media website.

A Guide to Creating Social Media Videos to Boost Engagement

Facebook Videos

Social media videos the king is Facebook and Facebook is still the “Ali Baba’s cave” of the social media, where you can find a wild mix of content types, themes, and subjects. But the videos that tend to work well on Facebook are DIY, funny videos, product unboxing, promotional, and heartwarming videos.

To give you an example of the type of videos that do well on Facebook, check out this video from Tasty that has gained 49M views, half a million shares, and 79K comments in just one month.

  • Facebook videos are typically very short, around 1 to 2 minutes. However, if the story is compelling, people will watch it past 1 or even 2 minutes.
  • Pay extra attention to the first 3 seconds to catch people’s attention.
  • As more and more users access Facebook on a smartphone, prefer square videos.
  • Write an engaging title and copy for your post.
  • People prefer watching videos with captions as they find the audio annoying. However, Facebook plans to change the audio setting to auto-play when people scroll, so let’s see how this changes the way people consume videos on Facebook.
  • Upload it natively (directly on the website) as native videos tend to perform better than if they’re shared from YouTube.
  • Use the live feature as live videos on Facebook are watched three times longer than ones that are no longer live.

YouTube Videos

Video content that performs well on YouTube includes DIY or tutorial video, vlogs, explainer videos, behind the scenes, testimonial videos. People nowadays also use YouTube to answer the “how to” questions, so it’s worthy to note that the trend is going towards the videos that solve people’s problems. Example: this viral video from Dollar Shave Club that tries to solve people’s expensive, shaving problem.

  • The ideal length is 5 minutes or less. Longer than this, the video must be really engaging.
  • Pay attention to your headline and description. If you want to include your keywords here, do it as naturally as possible.
  • Create a thumbnail image in HD to boost clicks.
  • Go as high-quality as you can. YouTube is the perfect platform to show off the mastery in the art of video-making.

Instagram Videos

Instagram keeps on evolving, but videos that keep gaining constant popularity include DIY, behind the scenes, explainer video, and product tutorials.

  • Experiment with square and horizontal videos. They both have pros and cons, and each audience has their own preference.
  • People prefer videos that show people and only a little bit of product (or not at all). So, if you want to create a product promotion on Instagram, seek a creative angle. Check out this video from Ikea UK that barely shows the product promoted.
  • Create a beautiful visual to make your video pop amidst the ocean of great designs that’s Instagram.
  • Make the one-minute length an engaging story. This is the hardest part to get around to, so be creative to fit your vision in 60 seconds.
  • Leverage the story and live features. Instagram keeps experimenting with these two tools, and so far, users love them. Bonus: your followers get a notification when you go live.

Twitter Videos

Brands can include these types of videos in their Twitter video strategy: announcement, product teaser, advertisement, and user-based content. Note, however, that Twitter is a fast-scroll social media, so the visual you create must be attractive.

  • Optimize for mobile users. As we’ve said before, people on Twitter scroll fast, so if your video takes a while to load on a mobile device, you’ll miss your chances.
  • Include a CTA to retweet or reply. The particularity of Twitter is that it’s fairly simple to share anything, so people tend to react when you ask them to.
  • Tell an engaging story in 30-60 seconds. Compact all the info you want to highlight in an interesting way in a short time. It’s a challenge, but one that can pay off.
  • Twitter is an information hub for its users, so the best video for brands to post here is the ones aimed to raise brand awareness.

Bottom Line

Social media videos are watched worldwide because, everyone and their grandmother is on social media, so it’s very likely that your future buyers are there, too. Leverage the magical power of social media or you’re going to miss out big time.

Social media videos while doing them one thing to remember when integrating social media videos in your marketing strategy: be prepared for multiple trial and error. Monitor the performance constantly. Free, integrated tools such as Facebook Insights get the job done, but nothing stops you from buying a sophisticated analytics app. Based on your statistics, tweak, change, move, until you find the winning recipe.

Mark Schmidt